Ferry Video System


4 Major Routes Covered (75% of total ridership):

  • Edmonds/Kingston Route, 12 Screens
  • Seattle/Bainbridge Route , 16 Screens
  • Seattle /Bremerton Route, 11 Screens
  • Mukilteo/Clinton Route, 9 Screens

The screens are 46” LCDs and are strategically placed throughout the ferries and terminals

Total number of screens: 48


  • 1X :15 second spot per 15 minute loop
  • 4X 15 minute loops per hour
  • 4X :15 second spots per hour
  • 20 hours per day = 80 spots per day
  • 30 days per month = 2400 spots per month
  • 48 screens = 115,200 spots per month

The loop includes news, weather and ferry customer information.
We program the content ourselves, you may change out creative as often as you wish.

How often is an ad displayed?
The rotations are limited to 15 minutes, so each ad will play at least four times per hour throughout the service day.


The following image file types are supported: jpg

1360x768 high-definition screens.

To take advantage of the full picture quality available it is recommended to use content sized to 1360x768 or greater with the 16:9 aspect ratio (ex. 1920x1080). 96dpi required.

The system can accommodate content sized to a different aspect ratio but quality may not be preserved.

The following video file types are supported: wmv or mp4 Our recommended settings when encoding video content are 30fps and average bitrate of 1500 kbps. This is the optimal setting for video quality and file compression. Create video to :15 exactly.

There is NO AUDIO allowed on the screens, please format your spot without audio.

Advertisers are responsible for their own production.
Exclusivity is not available.
Maximum separation will be considered for all ads.
There is no audio allowed on the WSF screens.
WSF reserves the right to approve all creative prior to posting.
Please allow 2 business days for your ad to be activated.

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