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Seattle Ferries


  • Significant Dwell Time in a Captive Environment
  • Increased Message Retention
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Auditable Demographic & Lifestyle Data

25% of game day attendance is brought in by the ferries (Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners)



HHI: 147 Index to Seattle DMA
Average HHI: $88,000
Education: 146 index to Seattle DMA (75% some college or more)
Employment: 77% System-wide
Gender Composition: 49% Male; 51% Female
Median Age: 49 Years
Demographic: 18-34 29%, 35-54 40%, 55+ 28%
Reason for Travel: Commute, Recreation, Local Tourism, Social
Ever Rode a Ferry: 85% of DMA Population

Seattle/Bainbridge Route
Median HHI=$104,000
Median HHI for 75% of the ridership=$124,000

  • Largest ferry system in the US
  • 24 million riders per year
  • Fleet of 22 large ferries
  • Operating 20 terminals
  • 450 trips completed per day

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